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Everyone Welcome!!!
I am David Filtor, I made this wiki as a log of my travels. Here I will take notes of all the things I learn about Pokemon and their trainers. I hope to give some small thought to the different ways to raise Pokemon and the Pros and Cons to each. Also, make sure to message me, I love to talk to other trainers and get new ideas.

P.S. If you want to battle hit me up! I never back down from a challenge!

Jenni Birch, Jason Mordon, Thomas Oak, Acie Charge, Liam Fent, Mark Peters, Trent Baker,
Pira Grace, Jonathan Grace, Derek Mathers, Trent LaGrand, Madison Heath, Casey Pierce,
Mason Roe, Philip Keye-Short, Marianne Hiess

Guests: 24

Attention Pokemon Lovers, Jenni Birch of the Hoenn Birch family is working towards creating a Pokemon Zoo for the study of pokemon. For info, and a link to donate click here.

Sponsored By: Silph Co.

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22 days

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