In-Game Comments

Mike Stills: Hey, aren’t you one of the guys that had that big full battle on Cerulean Bridge?

Yeah Mike that battle was between a guy by the name of Maximilian West and I. I have a small article on him on the other page if you are interested.

Kevin Pine: Yeah, and the one that nearly killed that poor dude’s pidgey lol.

Yes that was also me, but it was a Spearow not a Pidgey, and he turned out ok.

Thomas Oak: Geez. A couple of badges and you think you’re a superstar! A website and everything! :p Can’t wait for our next battle! Pikachu’s anxious for some fun!

Yeah Thomas this next battle will go differently though, your Pikachu will not counter every Pokemon in my party this time. Also, feel free to update the entry on yourself with where you are and what you are doing.

Derek Mathers: It was awesome seeing you beat Serena, but I didn’t think anyone could have beaten Liam!

Casey Pierce: Yeah, that battle was HOT!! XD

Hell yeah, nothing but the best here!

Madison Heath: Jenni’s Clefairy is sooo cute!! Need more vids, for sure!!

Madison, your wish is my command, check out my notes there are several new videos up.

Trent LaGrand: I want to see her Zapdos in action! That capture video is sick! Well, the parts that are not blinding, at least.

Trust me you do not want to see that Trent

Pira Grace: I like that Ivysaur. It’s soooooooo fat and adorable.

That it is Pira, that it is.

In-Game Comments

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