1/2 damage to Fighting, Ghost, Rock, Steel
2x damage from Fighting
0 damage from Ghost

constrict(tough)-pokemon takes width damage and one damage the next two turns, user cannot attack while dealing damage for these 2 turns

defense curl(cute)-pokemon gets w-1 armor for 5 turns

fury attack(cool)-attack deals w shock damage + 5-w atk’s which do 1 shock, success on 8,9,10 on a d10

growl(cute)-opponent takes w-1 penalty to attack

harden(tough)-gains w-1 armor for 6 rounds

leer(cool)- gains w-1 bonus to attacks

pound(tough)-width shock damage

quick attack(cool)-width shock damage +1 width for determining speed

scratch(tough)-width shock damage

sing(cute)-opponent falls asleep

slam(tough)-width shock +1 damage

Supersonic(smart)-confuses the target

tackle(tough)-width shock damage

tail whip(cute)-opponent takes w-1 penalty to attack


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