Jenni Birch

Great, Great, Grandaughter of esteemed Professor Birch and resident bookworm


Voracious does not even begin to describe the way in which Jenni Birch devours books and information. Having exhausted her family’s many educational resources by the age of thirteen, Jenni’s parents saw fit to call in a favor to their colleague – Professor James Oak. James happily agreed, eager for anyone who could possibly offer mental stimulation and company for his Grandson, Thomas, so he could continue his work in peace.

Jenni is, and always has been, fascinated by Pokémon behavior – both in the wild and domesticated. As well, she is a nurturing soul who cares very deeply for the proper tending and raising of Pokémon. As such, she hopes to one day own a zoo where she can display and research as many pokémon as she can find while teaching others how to better care for their own.

Jenni Birch

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