Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Days of the Vulpix

Ok so its been a crazy day. After leaving Pewter city we headed to Cerulean city by way of Mount Moon and Route 4. Mount Moon was fairly easy to get through, just follow the trail of footprints. Right at the end Jason found a group of Paras, he had been wanting on so he and Jenni both caught one. These two catch the weirdest Pokemon. I’m not sure why anyone would ever want a Paras. Nothing else happens till we reach Cerulean, where Nurse Joy tells us that there are feral Vulpix in the city. I’ve always wanted a Vulpix. So Jenni and I run around town for several hours hunting them down. At some point we get separated, I think she got lost, I swear that girl has no sense of direction. So I’m running around down back alleys looking for Vulpix, when these two guys jump out and start threatening me, stupid little punks didnt know who the were dealing with, Wartortle and Pikachu sent them packing real quick though, I hope i didn’t kill the one dude. I go to the Pokemon center after this because my Pokemon got poisoned in the fight, boy maybe i should have chased down that other fucker. Anyway I run into Jenni and she tells me she had found the Vulpix! So i follow her directions and head to an old abandoned building and there is an entire family. When we get there we meet this tall thin woman, I have no idea what she was doing there but she was smoking, in more ways than one. I’m telling you 10 out of 10. Anyway she kind of laughs at us and is on her way. So i crawl through a little whole in the walland attempt to befriend the Vulpix, with lots of help from Jenni. That girl knows her stuff. It takes about a week and lots of Jasons food but eventually we catch the entire family, sending the mother and most of the pups to professor birch to live in a much better environment. Jenni taped the whole thing, here is the link to the tape- Vulpix Family. I catch the dad, and Jenni catches one of the little babes. It was a hell of a last couple of days but hey I’m almost at a full party.

David's Notes, Pewter City

This is not a diary, diaries are for girls, these are my notes. I really didn’t want to do this but a great Pokemon Trainer has to know a lot of stuff and i am way behind. So this wiki is to help me organize all of the useful things I learn along the way. It took me a while so i am sort of behind, I will go ahead and pick up in Pewter City, Some really cool stuff happened, in Mount Moon, but you should get Jenni to tell you about that. (I got Jenni to write up a summary of our travels before this, those are the first two posts that are all pretty and written in the third person.) Trust me she will tell you EVERYTHING. So we get back to Pewter City, my party at this time consists of Squirtle, Pidgey, and Charmander. Pewter is known to be a rock gym so I am pretty confident, get this though the gym leader is Dr. Hammonds, the same dude that sent us to Mount Moon. Jason goes to battle him first, Dr. Hammonds uses a Omanyte, Kabuto, and Aerodactyl. The first two being rock, water Jason destroys them with his Bulbasaur, i mean just absolutely wiped the floor with them it was kinda sad. I go up next and i’m not near as excited as I was, the water type is cancels out any advantage my Squirtle had. After a hard battle i finally pull it out with my Pidgey’s speed pulling it out for me against the Aerodactyl. Jason made us an insane cake after, and Dr. Hammonds promised to get in touch with a friend of his regadring a thunderstone for my Pikachu.

Mystical Mount Moon

Having exhausted their pool of new trainers, our young heroes decided to move on from Viridian to Pewter City, leaving the Viridian Gym – and its powerful reputation – for another time. By traveling through Viridian Forest the crew managed to catch quite the batch of Bug-type Pokémon, but the true prizes were David’s new Pikachu as well as Jenni’s Pidgeotto and her acquisition of a Bulbasaur with the help of Jason’s fine cooking.

Once out of Viridian Forest, a two day journey, the party made their way into Pewter City. Famed for its museum, and having seen lights on late at night while coming into town, they decided to visit before continuing on with their Pokémon training. Once inside, Jenni managed to talk the group into a visit with Dr. Grant Hammonds and out of the entrance fee. In their talk with the famed archaeologist, the group found itself tasked with retrieving a Moon Stone from Mount Moon to help with Hammonds research – a request Jenni was eager to accept for her companions.

Mount Moon proved itself to be a more dangerous place than first expected. In addition to attempting to maneuver past clutches of Geodude who had attached themselves to the ceiling of the caves, and were quite protective of their territiory, David found himself in a death-defying chase after a Charmander deep within the cave complex where sulfur vents and extreme heat were poised to end the stalwart trainer. If it weren’t for the hard work of his Squirtle and Pidgey it is likely that Jason and Jenni would not have seen their friend again.

This happened as Jenni and Jason moved further into their mountain, and eventually they came across a Clefairy who appeared to be pounding away at the cave wall. Jenni quickly discovered that the Pokémon was digging for a Moon Stone buried deep into the rock. After retieving the stone, the Clefairy scurried away even deeper into the complex and Jenni quickly followed after it. Jenni and Jason soon found themselves inside of an antechamber where the Clefairy placed the Moonstone into the center of what appeared to be a crater and called forth its bretheren. The Clefairy formed a crescent around the crater that was soon filled by three Clefable and another Clefairy. The final Clefairy jumped into the crater and bowed to the Clefable to recieve a crown made of stone and precious gems. Once crowned, the Clefairy raised the Moon Stone over its head and used its power to evolve. Not to sit idly by during such an amazing occurence, Jenni made sure to use her video camera to film not only the crowning and evolution ceremony but also the party that immediately followed.

Pokémon, I Choose You!
The adventure begins.

After grueling weeks of study under one of Professor James Oak’s research assistants, our heroes David Filtor, Jason Mordon, and Jenni Birch – as well as their acquaintances Maximillian West and Thomas Oak – were finally ready for their final exam to recieve their Pokémon Trainer’s registration card. This exam comprised of an extensive writen portion that tested their knowledge of Pokémon types, where to find them, and proper Pokémon care as well as a “field test” in which the students participated in a simple Pokémon battle.

With all of the sutdents successfully passing their exam, the next day they were invited to Professor Oak’s lab in order to choose their starting Pokémon. David chose Squirtle, Jason picked Bulbasaur, Jenni decided on Charmander, and Thomas and Maximillian chose Pikachu and Eevee respectively. From there, the world of Pokémon was open to the greenhorn trainers.

Like so many before them, Jason, David, and Jenni made the first stop on their journey in Viridian City, after catching a Pokémon or two on Route 1 of course. The young trainers spent the better part of the day moving between Routes 1 and 2 as well as the opening portion of Viridian Forest in search of new and interesting Pokémon. They also made sure to battle some of the other starting trainers who had found themselves in the area.

And so, after a long day full of many battles, the new trainers rested for the night at the Pokémon Center with dreams of victories to come.

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