Thomas Oak

Grandson of Professor James Oak and Great, Great, Great, Grandson of famous Professor Samuel Oak


Status- Defeated David in Viridian City Wager $500

Known Party Members:


David’s Assesment:Thomas Oak is a trainer from Pallet Town. Grand-son of Professor James Oak, Thomas is a skilled Trainer. At the moment he is traveling Kanto collecting gym badges. Thomas can always be counted on to give a good fight and have a positive attitude. When battling he counts on a strong bond with his Pokemon to pull him through. Be ready for hard fighting Pokemon when you challenge this guy.

Currently I’m soakin’ up the sun in Vermillion and having a blast! New Pokémon and hot sights (especially on the beach!) and a special trip planned for Friday! Get here quick and I might let you guys tag along! :P


To say that Thomas Oak is a hyperactive young man would be more than a slight understatement. Always ready run off on the next new adventure, he – quite literally – jumped for joy when his grandfather announced his plans to initiate him, as well as the other youths of Pallet Town, into the wide world of Pokémon by issuing starters.

Thomas has been known to be fairly oblivious as well as generally ignorant about what is going on around him, but he makes up for it with great amounts of eagerness and determination.

Thomas Oak

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