Maximillian West


Maximillian, he gets upset when you call him Max, is a trainer from Pallet Town whom I have known for a while now. He is currently making his way around Kanto collecting Gym badges. His last known location was Cerulean City, however this information is rather dated.

David’s Assesment: Max is from my home town, so I would like to say that I know him really well, but I don’t. This guy is a loner, and a somewhat scary one at that. Be very careful around him. His battle style is brutal, he plays to win no matter what. That is his only objective, and he cares nothing for his Pokemon except for their ability to fight well. For this reason his pokemon tend to be powerful, if not actually happy. When Maximillian battles be ready for powerful Pokemon, fighting to win. What Max lacks though is creativity. He can be counted on to fight hard but in a very straightforward manner. I would highly suggest battling this trainer if at all possible. It is a look into a completely different training style for most.

Status: Defeated by David, in full battle on the bridge north of Cerulean City, $1000 wager

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Maximillian West

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