Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Vermillion City

The next day at Pokemon Tech Jenni, Jason, and I had battles against different members of the school to show the differences in battling of badge trainers vs. Pokemon Tech trainers. Jenni showed the girls how Pokemon Contests were structured, and used Clefairy to show them examples of each of the different rounds. After that Jason battled a guy by the name of Alder, they went slow and analyzed each move for the audience. Not exactly super exciting, but it was educational. I had the day before warned Mrs. Dubeau that my party would not tolerate this form of battle, so they paired me up with a guy by the name of Liam Feint. Liam is one of the schools premier students, and is an extremely gifted trainer . He and I had a full party battle in front of the entire school. The battle was epic, with my charmander doing amazingly well, I would definitely recommend watching it, for a link to the battle click here. After this battle we spent a few hours at the school then headed on our way; we have badges and ribbons to obtain! Very little of interest happened in Vermillion City. The first day their, Jenni won her contest ribbon. She did it quite handily as well, no one else came close. The next day Jason and I went to the Gym to get our badges. The Gym leader of Vermillion is a guy named Brody, who specializes in water type pokemon. Both Jason and I won our battles, if you are interested in an analysis of how to battle Brody, the earlier link should be of some use. After defeating the gym, my friends and I, decided to track down Thomas Oak, who we new was in the city. Turns out he was staying in an extremely expensive hotel. Somehow he had scored four tickets to the S.S. Anne. He said he would battle each of us for them. Jason, and I both fought him for our tickets and won, Jenni got hers on credit. To see the battles click here.



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