Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Seafoam Islands

So a lot of awesome shit has been going on in the world of the Rising Stars! Just the other weekend Silph Co. produced its first tournament to give young trainers a chance to join the Rising Stars. After several battles I was able to win the tournament! It was great and if you are interested in watching you can watch it on the Silph Co. website or here for personal casting of the process from yours truly. After the tournament Jenni went to the gym to pick up the Heart Badge. When we were done there the real fun began though. We decided to make a run down to the Seafoam Islands. After a dangerous run in with an army of Tentacool, we made it to the islands. After a two day hike up the mountain after we almost froze to death we made it to the top of the summit. There, just like all the tales said was an Articuno. It battled with Jason and with one powerful thunderpunch Jason’s Electabuzz took it out! Thats right guys, we are now traveling as a party with two legendary birds! TWO OF THEM! Now on to Moltres!



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