Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Power Plant

After obtaining my Tauros I went back to the Cerulean Gym, and re challenged Dalia. The fight was much less difficult this time and I got my badge. Jenni, Jason and I decided to go out after that; we went to a local club and danced till about 2. Right before we left though there was a power surge and the lights burst. I asked Dalia what it was all about and she said it was due to some wild pokemon fighting at the local powerplant. We resolved to join Dalia and attempt to clear out the wild Pokemon living in the powerplant. The next day we wake up bright and early to go start on it, and there is a random guy in our room at the Pokemon center, turns out he is Lucas Drale, the guy bringing me my thunderstone. I give it to my Pikachu, and it evolves into a Raichu! It was super exciting. Lucas decides to join us on our mission to the powerplant. After meeting Dalia at the gym, we all load up in a few jeeps and head out. When we get there it begins to rain, so we head in, and walk right into a huge turf war, electric vs poison. It takes us several hours, but we manage to get the leaders of the groups, a Muk, and Electabuzz, Jason catches both of them since they are extremely strong and I don’t have room for them in my party. As we are leaving we spot a Zapdos on the top of the building! Jenni flipped it, we had to physically drag her away! As soon as our Pokemon were healed up, Jenni and I rushed off, with Jason in hot pursuit. She wanted to catch the Zapdos, and I to train. After a crazy battle Jenni caught the Zapdos! A Zapdos it’s incredible, and Jason got all of it on tape!



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