Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Pokemon Tech

After we left Cerulean we headed down Route 5 towards Vermillion City. There we hope to obtain our third badges and second ribbon respectively. We were a day and a half out of Cerulean, getting close to Vermillion when we come upon a group of students walking out of the woods, led by a Miss Dubeau. We introduced ourselves as traveling trainers, and she introduced her group as a class from the local Pokemon Technical School. At Pokemon Technical School, students learn to become Trainers in a safe and structured environment. The group we met was a class of underclassmen, however when you graduate you are supposedly ready to go straight to the Indigo League. They take training here instead of battling gym leaders and collecting badges. Miss Dubeau, kindly invited us to accompany her back to the school and see how things were run there. Upon arriving we were given rooms for the night and allowed use of the recreational facilities. Jason went to the kitchen to prepare a meal, Jenni went show her tapes of the Zapdos and Clefable Ritual to the in house researchers, and I went to the soccer field where i had heard a battle can be found for the willing. After a while a girl named Serena Rain came up to me, accepting my challenge to battle. She was rather hostile, wanting nothing more than to embarrass me and send me on my way. We had a three Pokemon Battle, which I was able to defeat her in. If you are interested in the battle, Jenni recorded itDavid FiltorvsSerena Rain. The Pokemon Tech students seem to extremely proficient in the technical side of battling, what they lack is creativity and heart. Tomorrow I believe Jenni, Jason, and I are going to help the staff with some sort of demonstration then we will be on our way to Vermillion.



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