Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes, Days of the Vulpix

Ok so its been a crazy day. After leaving Pewter city we headed to Cerulean city by way of Mount Moon and Route 4. Mount Moon was fairly easy to get through, just follow the trail of footprints. Right at the end Jason found a group of Paras, he had been wanting on so he and Jenni both caught one. These two catch the weirdest Pokemon. I’m not sure why anyone would ever want a Paras. Nothing else happens till we reach Cerulean, where Nurse Joy tells us that there are feral Vulpix in the city. I’ve always wanted a Vulpix. So Jenni and I run around town for several hours hunting them down. At some point we get separated, I think she got lost, I swear that girl has no sense of direction. So I’m running around down back alleys looking for Vulpix, when these two guys jump out and start threatening me, stupid little punks didnt know who the were dealing with, Wartortle and Pikachu sent them packing real quick though, I hope i didn’t kill the one dude. I go to the Pokemon center after this because my Pokemon got poisoned in the fight, boy maybe i should have chased down that other fucker. Anyway I run into Jenni and she tells me she had found the Vulpix! So i follow her directions and head to an old abandoned building and there is an entire family. When we get there we meet this tall thin woman, I have no idea what she was doing there but she was smoking, in more ways than one. I’m telling you 10 out of 10. Anyway she kind of laughs at us and is on her way. So i crawl through a little whole in the walland attempt to befriend the Vulpix, with lots of help from Jenni. That girl knows her stuff. It takes about a week and lots of Jasons food but eventually we catch the entire family, sending the mother and most of the pups to professor birch to live in a much better environment. Jenni taped the whole thing, here is the link to the tape- Vulpix Family. I catch the dad, and Jenni catches one of the little babes. It was a hell of a last couple of days but hey I’m almost at a full party.



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