Secret Pokémon Campaign

David's Notes-Back on Track

So I know its been a long time, glad you guys stayed with me. Jenni, Jason and I had a blast on the cruise, caught a lot of awesome new pokemon and did some exploring. The pokemon on the orange islands have some amazing, unique coloration, I would highly recommend taking a tour of them if you ever find yourself able to. While on the cruise I met the CEO of Silph Co. and was highly impressed, after some extensive talks we signed on with Silph Co. as our new sponsors. After getting back to the main land in Vermillion we headed north to Saffron to make it official, there we made a new friend by the name of Aric. He is an accomplished pokemon trainer from Johto. His pokemon are bit bulky for my tastes but he seems to know how to use that to his advantage. After a few days, Aric also signed on with Silph Co. In Saffron we did a lot of battling and training, as well as catching many new pokemon, it would seem that Saffron has many interesting pokemon to offer, especially if you are looking for an eevee. After Saffron the gang and I headed to Celadon so we could visit the infamous Celadon Department Store. With the help of Silph Co and a little cash I was able to obtain a couple of evolutionary stones, a Fire Stone for Epic, and a Dawn Stone for Tom. That’s right, my vulpix is now a ninetails, and eevee is now an Espeon! Both of whom have already proven their worth! Anyway, my friends and I will probably stay here a few days, train and have some fun. Anyone nearby should head over and challenge me!



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